Religioni indigene asiatiche

File:Asian indigenous faiths (Shenism + Shinto + Muism + Thanism + Sadsana Phi + Kiratism) by percentage (Pew Research Center).png

A map showing the followers of the ethnic religions of (East) Asian countries (Chinese Shenism, Japanese Shinto, Korean Sinism [or Muism], Vietnamese Thanism, Laotian Sadsana Phi, Nepalese Kiratism [or Yumaism], and data for Mongolian, Bhutanese and Burmese ethnic religions) by percentage in each country. Note that the Chinese folk religion includes Taoism.

Self-made. Based on Pew Research Center Global Religious Landscape 2010 data for folk religions.

Further information available in articles of Wikipedia discussing the topic: Chinese folk religionKorean shamanismShintoVietnamese folk religionSadsana PhiKiratismMongolian shamanismReligion in Bhutanreligion in Burmareligion in Chinareligion in Japanreligion in Koreareligion in Laosreligion in MalaysiaReligion in Mongoliareligion in Nepalreligion in Singaporereligion in Taiwanreligion in Vietnamreligion in Xianggang.

Categorie:H10.08- Religioni in Cina - Religions of China - 中國的宗教, H30.01- Religioni del Giappone, H40.02- Religioni dell'Estremo Oriente


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